BPD: Man tried to steal trailer

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BLANCHESTER —A man police say attempted to steal a trailer from a Blanchester residence is being sought by police.

According to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, on Tuesday evening, May 10 a Bourbon Street man heard someone in his driveway, he walked out to investigate, and stated a man had backed into the driveway and was trying to attach the owner’s cargo trailer to a Chevrolet pickup truck.

The owner confronted the man, who fled without the trailer, but not before the trailer’s owner obtained a license plate number off of the truck and then called police.

Blanchester Police Sgt. Gary Mowen tracked down the owner of the truck in Miamisburg in Montgomery County. Mowen traveled to Miamisburg and learned the owner had loaned her truck to her son on May 10.

“Her son was then identified as Tom Shafer, 34, whose current whereabouts are unknown,” Reinbolt said. “Shafer has a criminal history dating back to 2002, including a conviction for breaking and entering in Clinton County in 2005.”

The police department has obtained a warrant for Shafer’s arrest, charging him with the attempted theft. Anyone who knows his current whereabouts is asked to contact the Blanchester Police Department at 937-783-4702.


News Journal

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