Paying tribute to an American hero

Cliff Rosenberger - Ohio House Speaker

This week, the Ohio House passed a measure that would rename Port Columbus International Airport as the “John Glenn Columbus International Airport.” On paper, it appears as just a slight change of title. But in reality, I believe it is a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much of himself to our state and nation.

Glenn served in combat missions in Korea and in 1962 became the first American to orbit the earth. Later on, he became a United States Senator, serving Ohio for 25 years. Then, impressively and courageously in 1998, he became the oldest person to ever go into space at the age of 77.

Born and raised in New Concord, Ohio, he is among the many great examples of people growing up in a small town and going on to change the world. John Glenn is not only an inspiration and role model for people of all ages, but he is also a representative of our American ideals of service, hard work and innovation.

I have had the privilege of meeting and knowing Senator Glenn and his wife, Annie, for quite a while. They are two of the kindest and humblest individuals a person could be lucky enough to meet, which is especially encouraging considering all that they have accomplished over the years.

In a state with such a rich and vast history of aviation feats, John Glenn’s name deserves to be recognized and appreciated throughout history. That is why it was such an honor for me to introduce and support an amendment that I believe will help secure the Glenn legacy far into the future.

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) represents the 91st District, which includes Clinton County.

Cliff Rosenberger

Ohio House Speaker

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