Habermehl a leader for county

We have known Terry Habermehl and his lovely wife Beth for a long time and we have so much respect for them as a great Christian couple. Terry has served God and his country for six years in the U. S. Army as a helicopter pilot. We are all so very proud of him and the great job he has done these past five years as our Auditor of Clinton County.

Terry has brought a wealth of knowledge and background that prepared him well for the leadership and service to the people of Clinton County in the important elected office of Commissioner. Terry has said it is an honor and privilege to serve the great people of Clinton County as their Auditor. Terry’s passion along with his servant’s heart and attitude is to serve all the men, women and children of Clinton County as their new commissioner.

We would greatly appreciate your prayerful support for Terry and your vote for Terrance “Terry” Habermehl on March 15 as Commissioner of Clinton County. Terry’s desire is to work hard and give God and the men, women and children of Clinton County his very best as Clinton County Commissioner.

Mike & Judy Cowman


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