Woods best suited for commissioner

The race for the seat held by retiring commissioner Mike Curry is vital to the future of Clinton County. The experience required to fulfill Mr. Curry’s commendable years of service should be by someone who has integrity, experience and collaboration. The person best suited is Brenda Woods.

Brenda brings a commitment of integrity that has been evident in her 24 years of public service and as the Fiscal Officer for Wayne Township. With an ability to utilize limited resources in the most efficient manner, Brenda has helped Wayne Township remain solvent. She brings a unique perspective to collaborate county governmental services as the only candidate who has worked in county, township and municipal government.

Experience sets Brenda Woods apart. As Clerk of the Board of Commissioners and Assistant County Administrator, her skills constituted far more than just clerical duties. Brenda was involved in the development of budgets, employees and most importantly knew how the commissioner’s office operates.

Combined with her strong fiscal and decisive background in county, township and municipal government, Brenda Woods brings the most local government experience of all commissioner candidates. On March 15th vote for a vision and decisive county government, vote for Brenda Woods.

Gregory A. Law


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