Support Woods for commissioner

According to most of today’s media, the most important characteristic of a candidate is whether or not he/she is an outsider. That may be the case for some, but for me it is whether or not the candidate understands the issues and how they effect the people they represent.

There are some good people running for Clinton County Commissioner; however, there is one that stands out to me — Brenda Woods.

Through the years there have been many occasions when interaction with local government was either important or necessary for the project or activity in witch I was involved. Whether it was city or county government, Brenda was always knowledgeable about any requirements or restrictions, and at times, provided invaluable assistance to me and the sponsoring fraternal organization(s).

For a newly elected Commissioner to be effective on day one, that individual needs to have an intimate understanding of the opportunities and challenges that face our county today. Brenda has that understanding and the working knowledge to make the right decisions.

Knowledgeable, involved, concerned, and hard working best describes my friend, Brenda Woods. She will be the kind of Commissioner the residents of Clinton County want and deserve.

Paul Butler


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