Steed is a proven leader

I support reelecting Kerry Steed for Clinton County Commissioner. I met Kerry through Leadership Clinton in 2009. It was appreciable from day one he was a notable leader. Everywhere we went, people knew him and greeted him with a smile and handshake.

Owning a thriving business gave him invaluable experience that’s aided him in his public works. He is conservative with taxpayers’ dollars but not without concern for people and infrastructure needed to care for us as a whole.

A few years ago, a fire in an apartment building for elderly and disabled, where I was employed, rendered many homeless. The Red Cross temporarily housed them in a motel, but many fled without their purse or wallet. Kerry delivered free food from his restaurant until alternate housing was found. No hesitation. A hero, and community leadership at its finest.

Kerry’s dedication to family is remarkable. He always speaks highly of and dotes on Mrs. Steed, spoils his children with love, and cares kindly for anyone lucky enough to call him “family.”

I support Kerry — not just for re-election, but in any endeavor. He has shown incredible loyalty and care for this community which should inspire Clinton County voter loyalty.

Jeanne Smith


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