Habermehl a proven leader

Terry Habermehl is uniquely qualified to serve as our next commissioner. He has served as county auditor for the last five years. As auditor, he works closely with the commissioners and understands the position. This knowledge and expertise will allow him to lead as a commissioner on day one. No other candidate can honestly make this claim.

Terry has over 30 years of leadership and financial experience. This experience will serve him well as commissioner.

He is also a man of his word. He told us would safeguard taxpayer money, improve customer service,improve transparency, and improve efficiency through technology enhancements. He has done those things.

In honoring his campaign pledges Terry has made tough decisions. Not all of those decisions were popular in the courthouse, but they were the right decisions for the people of Clinton County.

Terry has proven to be a honest hard-working leader who is committed to serving the people of Clinton County. The positive changes and improvements that have occurred in the Auditor’s office under his leadership, prove that he is ready to lead Clinton County as a commissioner. On March 15th vote for Terry Habermehl, a leader with proven executive leadership experience.

Mark Lewis


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