Kasich showing his true colors

Finally taking a day off from chasing his presidential ambitions, Gov. John Kasich briefly returned to Ohio and the job he was elected to do, only to sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood. He conveniently waited until after the South Carolina primary to show his true colors on women’s health care and further reveal that he is anything but a moderate.

Over the past six years, Kasich has led Ohio Republicans in waging one attack after another against women, those who only want the right to determine their own health care without interference from politicians.

Taking away resources from Planned Parenthood and the important work it does serving Ohio families is a travesty.

Kasich has decided to ally himself with radical extremists, indicted felons, and is comfortably in the Tea Party’s pocket. Following through with such a monumental decision, based on false claims, shows he is putting politics before what’s best for Ohioans.

John DeHaven


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