Streets need to be repaired now

I have an idea … to fix the streets, let’s earnings tax out-of-town workers that: a. use very few city services, and b. don’t have a vote (without representation).

Maybe not such a good idea. On two separate occasions I have tried to get Alkermes to request annexation. My argument to them was that they could reduce their city utility bills by 50 percent. After all, they are one of the top water consumers the city has. They came close to agreeing last year, but the income tax on employees probably jinxed the deal, again.

Some of the senior citizens in city government are pushing an earnings tax increase over a dedicated property tax. I wonder why. Could it be that it’s because they pay little or no earnings tax and get a $300 a year break in property taxes?

Which tax levy would a typical Wilmington working family — that owns a $100,000 home and has a taxable income of $60,000 — vote for? A five-year 2.25-mill streets property tax that would cost less than $80 per year, or a half percent earnings tax increase that would cost $300. (Most seniors would pay less than $60) Which levy would a concerned and open-minded senior citizen, that doesn’t want to “stick it to” working families, vote for?

Revenue has to be increased if we are to fix our infrastructure, mainly streets, and balance the budget. If you have an opinion, let the city fathers and mothers know by calling city hall at 937-382-5458.

Paul Hunter


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