Sabina clean-up is way overdue

The collections of garbage, furniture and unwanted household items continue to pile up in yards in the village of Sabina while elected officials apparently are blind to the problem or simply, perhaps, do not care. I am curious if the county has any jurisdiction to prompt our mayor and council to address the issue in that they apparently have no concern of their own regarding the fall of Eden. It makes me sick to walk my dog and look as to how deplorable our village has become! Zoning or no zoning, clean up your act Sabina, it is nothing short of disgraceful and a bruise on he face of Clinton County.

As a preemptive strike against those who will tell me to move, I will ask the question, “Is the current state of Sabina something you are OK with?” If so, let’s have you move and take your trash and lack of pride elsewhere. Not to mention the fact that your trash and unkempt property is making it nearly impossible to sell a home in Sabina.

This past weekend I walked down some back streets of Sabina and the trash that I observed is more than I can possibly put into words. There are homes that have 20-25 bags of trash laying in their front yards. There are sofas, loveseats, and recliners placed in yards clearly visible to the public. Some yards have appeared to be having a yard sale all winter but no, it is simply trash and unwanted items that have been thrown out in the yard. Where is our mayor and council? Taking care of a community that we can all take pride in is at the very heart of what we elected our mayor and council to do. The caring citizens of Sabina have been let down.

I am asking for help. This is a serious problem that is presenting a contribution to the destruction of our community and, no doubt, is becoming a health issue as well.

Daniel Harp


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